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Dr Jeremy Unger

Yet another dental office? ...maybe not!

January 15, 2019

Now I know what you are thinking, just another dental office. I probably pass by 5 offices on my way to work. So what makes Texas Dental Arts, what makes us any different from the rest of them?

Let me take a moment to tell you my history.

My family is from Ohio, and though we had relatives living in Texas and visited here over the years, I was never really exposed to daily life here, and certainly never exposed to dentistry here. In my hometown of Marietta, OH, we had several dentists. All the practices were privately owned and operated by the doctors who worked there. I grew up going to school with their kids; they were active in our neighborhoods, in boy scouts, at the county fair. They were members of the community and that mattered. They formed relationships with people that lasted years, even decades, and created trust and friendships.

Fast forward many years and obviously some things change over time. But we feel that this level of personal care, the trust, the relationship, doesn’t have to.

You would be correct in thinking that you will pass many dental offices while driving around town, a handful still being those private practices, but many have been taken over or started under corporate ownership. Now let me be the first to say this isn’t always bad, but it can have a bad side if the focus becomes more about money than about patient care. People seem to be slowing giving up the right to choose--in exchange for convenience and cheaper care.

We want to change this. There was something my grandpa used to say, “Be careful not to get too big for your britches”. And he wasn’t talking about my belly. He meant, don’t grow yourself, your ego, or your business so big that you lose track of who you are and why you started this thing in the first place.

I think we have all seen it, maybe specifically in doctor’s offices. The practice grows so much, and get so busy, that they lose their customer service. It becomes hard to get an appointment, and you start to feel just like a number. The only thing that matters is your money. I hear this from some of our new patients as the reason why they switched practices. No matter what growth our business sees in the future, we are focused on being available when you need us and not allowing money to be the big decision maker in your care.

I have been doing this for 10 years. I know that Dentistry doesn’t make most people’s “favorite list”. The sights, the sounds, the fears, it can be the stuff of nightmares. We understand. We created this new office, a comfortable environment. We specifically chose equipment to provide the best experience. Things like electric handpieces, so that high pitched squealing drill sound is a thing of the past. Future technologies involve 3D imaging, lasers and truly pain-free care.

We don’t double and triple book our patients, so we are focused solely on you while you are there. We strive to be on time, every time, for every patient. Our fees will compete with any office in the area. We accept most insurance plans. We created a membership discount plan for people who don’t have insurance. We will do anything we can to help people afford the care they need and want. We offer a vast number of services all right at our location to minimize the need to refer you to specialists all over town. We value your time, we value your trust and we work hard to earn it.

We are involved in our community of Heritage, Keller, North Fort Worth. You will see us at local events. We are getting involved in the schools with their PTAs and Student Council groups. We want to give back, we want to build relationships for generations to come.

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